The beginnings

The history of volleyball in Muszyna started in 1982. Adam Mazur, who was running Ludowy Zespół Sportowy Poprad (People’s Sports Club Poprad) created a volleyball section. The team competed in class A. Among Mazur’s players were such names as: Lucyna Hnatkiewicz, Beata Rusnak, Maria Koral, Alicja Nowak, Ewa Kożuch, Elżbieta Olczak. Soon, the team managed to go through to the third division (III Liga), with a considerable help of the team’s new coach, Bogdan Serwiński.

From Poprad to Muszynianka

Due to financial difficulties Poprad’s board decided to pull the team out of the competitions. The achievements of Muszyna’s volleyball were saved by Bogdan Serwiński and Grzegorz Jeżowski, who entered the local league with a new club, Międzyszkolny Klub Sportowy Kurier Muszyna (Interschool Sports Club Kurier Muszyna). This young team consisting of teenage girls successfully competed with senior teams and shortly returned to the third division. From 1994 to 1998 the team finished fourth (the first two seasons) and then third and fifth. The 1998/1999 season brought the long-desired promotion to the second division. Two years later the club went to Series B, and after two more years – already as Muszynianka – to the premier division (Ekstraklasa).


Muszynianka did reasonably well in the premier division. In the first two seasons they finished seventh and fifth, respectively. The 2005/2006 season was a real breakthrough, as the Muszyna team won the league, having outplayed the favoured Nafta-Gaz Piła. For the first time the team from Muszyna could play in Europe.

A cold shower

The next season started with great expectations. New players entered the team, including several from abroad: Anna Rybaczewska, Tina Lipicer-Samec, Ingrid Siscovich and Evelina Cvetanova. The numerous injuries, however, made it impossible for Bogdan Serwiński’s team to compete successfully in the Champions League. Muszynianka managed to win one game only (against VakifBank Istanbul at home). The Poland’s champions’ team didn’t do well in the league (Liga Siatkówki Kobiet) either. Muszynianka finished the season fifth, which put the club’s future up in the air.

Back on top

Muszyna decided to stake everything on one card. The new players joined the team: Joanna Mirek, Mariola Zenik, Agata Karczmarzewska-Pura. Already then Muszynianka was considered the major candidate for the title. However, the 2007/2008 started with two failures: in the volleyball Challenge Cup Bogdan Serwiński’s team was defeated by Imoli (Italy) and in the Polish Volleyball Cup it lost to Farmutil Piła. Muszynianka avenged this defeat in the league final and the title returned to Muszyna.

A historical season

Next season meant further changes in Muszyna’s team. The second attempt at the Champions League required squad alternations. Milena Rosner, Ivana Plchotova, Joanna Kaczor and Monika Targosz joined the team. The beginning of the Champions League wasn’t successful. Fakro Muszynianka (the team played in Europe under this name) lost to 0:3 at home to the little-known Metal Galati. Nearly a week later Muszyna astonished Europe by beating in Italy one of the best teams in women’s volleyball, Volley Bergamo. The next victory over VakifBank Istanbul put coach Serwiński’s team closer to the historical promotion to the knock-out stage. The two subsequent defeats (in Istanbul and in Muszyna, against Volley) put these plans in doubt. The victory against Metal in Bucharest, however, let the Muszyna players celebrate the promotion. In the next round Muszyna were to face the best French team in recent years, RC Cannes. Two 3:1 victories enabled Muszyna’s players to celebrate going through to the second play-off round. Their rival was Eczacibasi Zentiva Istanbul. The defeats 1:3 in Muszyna and 0:3 in Turkey eliminated Fakro Muszynianka from further competition. This result, however, was considered a great success: a club from a five-thousand town managed to enter the top six European teams! In the league, it was BKS Aluprof Bielsko-Biała that dominated the competitions and beat Muszynianka in the Polish Volleyball Cup final, as well as two times in the league. Everything changed in the playoffs, though. First the players from Muszyna beat Gedania Żukowo and Farmutil Piła and then, after three matches in the final, they defeated the team from Bielsko-Biała, thus winning their third champion title in the club’s history.

Bank BPS Muszynianka Fakro

The club started the 2009/2010 season with a new name. A new part of the name was added: Bank BPS. The new sponsor means new hopes. The team welcomed new players: Anna Witczak, Elżbieta Skowrońska, Izabela Żebrowska and Agnieszka Bednarek-Kasza. The season began with the first-ever victory in the Polish Volleyball Super Cup. Bank BPS Muszynianka Fakro beat BKS Aluprof Bielsko-Biała in three sets.

(Most of the information comes from Dariusz Grzyb’s book "Muszynianka Fakro")

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